Volunteering in Our Schools                                                                

The District developed the Volunteer Background Check Memo as a guide that outlines which individuals with a criminal background may act as chaperones or volunteers within the school district. This memo uses Chapter 12 of the Wisconsin Department of Health Services (“DHS”) Regulations as a guide for caregiver background checks.  The Volunteer Background Check Guide demonstrates by statute the restrictions placed on the level of volunteerism in the School District.  
Please contact the building principal with any questions concerning their school’s volunteer program or this background check. 
All volunteers, new and returning, are asked to complete the Volunteer Background Check Information form.

Please complete only one form, even if you intend to volunteer in more than one building.  Return the form to the building where you think you will do the most volunteering.  After your form is received and you are clear to volunteer, a staff member will contact you.


Please note:  If you wish to volunteer at Mount Horeb 4K (4K), Early Learning Center (ELC), Primary Center (PC), Intermediate Center (IC), Middle School (MS) or High School (HS), which may have their own volunteer information form, you may need to complete an additional form.    


Nicole Tepe                4K            437-2400 ext 6103 

Rachael Johnson        ELC/PC   437-2400 ext 6106

Stephen Guziewski    IC             437-2400 ext 4101

Paul Christiansen      MS            437-2400 ext 3205

Mike Werbowsky      HS             437-2400 ext 2112


Thank you for your work with and for the children of the Mount Horeb Area School District.