The links at the side of this page are ALL the Enrollment forms that need to be completed to enroll your student(s) in the
Mount Horeb Area School District.  
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               *  Enrollment Form
               *  Records Request
               *  Home Language Survey
               *  Immunization Information
               *  Withhold Directory Information
            *   Student Fee Waiver Request Form
     4K Enrollment information and forms can be found at:  4K Enrollment Information
These pages need to be printed out and completed in by hand.                        

Once you complete the forms, please return them to the District Office at 1304 E Lincoln St, Mount Horeb, WI 53572.  Either via snail mail, fax or email/scanning them to 

At the time that you are returning the forms to the District Office, please present in your child's original birth certificate and proof of residency within the School District of Mount Horeb.  (A purchase agreement on a house,  lease agreement, payroll stub, utility bill, etc, can be submitted for proof of residency.)  
If you are choosing to have your child(ren) attend the Mount Horeb Area School District via open enrollment, please check out the Open Enrollment page with DPI and complete the application there:  
Specific questions about the open enrollment or alternative to open enrollment process/application should be directed/emailed to Jackie Brager.

Any questions, please email Tammy Beranek at 608-437-2400 extension 1228.  Our fax number is 608-437-5597

If you wish to arrange a building tour at the appropriate school(s), please contact the buildings Lady on Phonedirectly, after the enrollment forms have been turned in.  The contact information can be found on our website, under the appropriate school and About our School.