Alumni Endowment for Academic Excellence
Annual Funding Cycle for Academic Year: 

Early February:      Endowment Grant Selection Committee for coming academic year is appointed and announced.

Mid-March:            Madison Community Foundation notifies MHASD the total dollar amount available for grant distribution.  

March: 2nd Friday: Applications are to be sent via e-mail to building principal and chair of the Grant Selection Committee.

Early April:             Funding decisions made for coming academic year.  All applicants and MCF notified.

                                MHASD business manager emails MCF requesting funds be sent.

                                (MCF contact: Accounting Manager )

                                (telephone: 608-232-1763   Connie Tibbetts)

Late April:               Funds received from MCF

Academic Year:     Funds dispersed only for budgeted, receipted costs.

                                Written summary of funded project due 45 days following project’s completion.

                                Summary reports submitted to MHASD Grant Chair along with photo showing

                                Implementation.  (photo may be used for publicity) 

                                Funds not allocated or expended in this funding cycle are to be added to the Endowment’s principle.

                                Late in academic year funded, current year’s recipients showcase their projects/activities in order to share their
                                experiences with other faculty, students, staff, and visitors.