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Event Attendance & Expectations

Badger Conference entrance fee is $4.00 for K-12 students & adults

MHHS students must present their Student IDs for entrance into athletic events or they will be expected to pay the $4.00 entrance fee.

Athletic Passes Available at the High School Office

  • FREE athletic passes available to Senior Citizens
  • Athletic Pass for K-8 students are $25.  Adult passes are $50 per adult.
  • Athletic Punch Pass:  $30 for 10 punches available to individuals and families

PLEASE NOTE:  MHHS Athletic and Student ID passes are not valid for WIAA tournament series games and matches.

Event Expectations

  • All K-4 students must attend the game with a parent and sit with them during the game.
  • All 5-8 grade students must sit in the bleachers for the games
  • All students should be seated during the game and should not wander around. Remember, you are coming to watch the game.
  • Concessions are available at quarters and halftime. Students should return to the seating section immediately after going to concession stand. Also, please dispose of garbage in the garbage cans.
  • No footballs, soccer balls, kick balls, skateboards, etc. are allowed at any games. They will be confiscated by event supervisors. There is no ball playing, tag games, etc. allowed in the hallways or in the stadium or on fields around the playing fields.
  • Always exhibit good sportsmanship.

·         Be respectful during the National Anthem, school songs, and player introductions.

·         Never boo or yell negative comments at the officials or opposing players

·         Cheer for the Viking players in a positive manner

·         Represent Mount Horeb in a positive manner

Your assistance in enforcing these expectations is very much appreciated. Thank you.