school BusBus Route Information

Following are the 2014-2015 Bus Route Information 

General Information:

 ·       The times listed are approximate times for student pick-up. It is important to have your child out at the bus stop 5 to 8 minutes prior to the listed time.

·        If your child rides an Early Childhood route, Van route, Bus 42 (short bus) or St. Francis Cross Plains, please contact the Bus Garage for pick-up times. 608-437-2400, ext. 1252.

·        Food or drink is not allowed on the bus.

·        All food must be in sealed containers.

·        Be courteous and respectful to the driver and other students.

·        Remain seated at all times until the bus stops.

·        Keep your hands and head inside the bus at all times.

·        All route buses have video cameras for your safety.

·        Report any bus incidents to the driver immediately.

Changes to bus routes for this year: Village pick-ups for the Seal, Eagle and Camel have been slightly changed.

·        Camel bus will pick up all of Vista Ridge neighborhood.

·        Seal bus will pick up at Agnes Ct, Perimeter/Green Valley and Perimeter/Golf View.

·        Eagle bus will pick up all of North Cape Commons and out on Business 18/151.

Bus line ups at the schools are the same as last year.


Please complete this form to request a bus:  Bus Trip Request Form