Please remember, your student-athlete can not practice without completion of the following:

*     Physical OR alternate year Emergency Card
*     Impact (baseline concussion) Testing (Freshman and every other year)
*     Concussion Waiver Form (state law)
*     Signed  201602-17 Code of Conduct form 
*     $75 Athletic Fee 

Athletic Forms:
  • Student-athletes need to complete a physical card every other year, before the season begins.
  • An alternate year card needs to be completed on the years when a physical isn't required , before the season begins.
  • The Concussion Waiver Form must be completed each year per state law.
  • The code of conduct is required to be signed every year.  Code of Conduct meetings are held before the Fall and Winter seasons
  • If your child will be riding home with you from an event, you will need to sign the Transportation Form and present it to your coach. This needs to be done each time you decide to do this. Please remember you are only allowed to transport your own children.