• Earth Hi, I'm Cheri Awtrey with the Discovery House in 8th grade. I focus on teaching  science and literature. If you need to check with me about anything, you can always reach me by email since I check this throughout the day. awtreycheri@mhasd.k12.wi.us You are welcome to try to call my room and leave a message between 2:35 p.m. and 7:30 a.m. (I will always answer if I am there), but my phone message light doesn't always work. You may want to email me to let me know that you have called.  437-7316
    Science is changing this year!
    After many years of Earth science, our 8th grade curriculum is changing to align with the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS). To do this, our units will shift from those with which many of you may be familiar.
    Quarter 1 into 2: Heredity and Earth History
       Here we will look at how traits are passed from one generation to the next. We will use this set of concepts to help us understand the basic processes of evolution. Then we will look at Earth's history using biological evolution as one tool for determining how things have changed on Earth throughout time.
    Quarter 2 into 3: The Nature of Light
       Here we will explore light as a form of energy that interacts with matter.
    Quarter 3 into 4: Space Systems Exploration
       We will explore our solar system and Earth's place within it.