Exercise- should be an important part of your day.
Adults should get 30 minutes of an increased heart rate 4-5 days a week. Children should get 60 minutes per day. How that is achieved is up to you. It can be accomplished in many different ways.

Activities of Daily Living- You don't have to buy a gym membership, you can get alot of exercise with household tasks. Carry laundry baskets, Rake leaves, Mow the lawn, Vacuum, Wash windows, Walk for errands in town instead of driving.

Enjoy Lifestyle sports- Getting out and enjoying activities can meet your exercise needs.
Bike, Hike, Canoe, Kayak, Swim, Ski, Snowshoe, Snowboard, Rollerblade, Skateboard.

Use our park systems- We have state parks, county parks and local community parks.
State Parks- www.dnr.state.wi.us/org/land/parks
County Parks- www.countyofdane.com/land/parks
Mount Horeb Community Recreation Department- www.mounthorebwi.info/rec.htm
Dane County Bike Route maps- www.madisonareampo.org/bikes.htm

Local exercise businesses- for some, nothing beats the commitment of a structured program.
Snap Fitness- Call 437-7627 or  www.snapfitness.com/mounthoreb/
Energy Center Fitness - Call 437-2582 or www.energycenterfitness.com
Mount Horeb Rec Department - Call 437-3400 or www.mounthorebwi.info/rec.htm
Springdale Yoga- Call 437-4082 or www.springdaleyoga.com/cedarcreekwellness.html
Alignment Yoga - Call 437-5931 or http://scottandersonyoga.com/
Forte Studios- Call 437-0151 or www.fortestudios.biz/
Infusion Mixed Martial Arts- Call 437-2467 or www.infusionmma.com/

Personal Fitness Challenges-
Mount Horeb on the Move- www.americaonthemove.org - Click Join Today, Select Individual, Click Full Access, user group registration code: RMT48251
President's Challenge- www.presidentschallenge.org