• Child's Immunizations Records

    You can verify and print your child's immunization record through Infinite Campus. Go to the Parent Portal, then to your child's page and click on the health tab  https://campusdb.mhasd.k12.wi.us/campus/portal/mthoreb.jsp.

    If you find an error in our records or your child has had additional immunizations please e-mail or call one of the District Nurses so we can maintain accurate records. The Wisconsin Immunization Registry can now be accessed by parents. You must use your child's social security number. The website is: http://dhfsWIR.org

    Questions? You can contact either school district nurse:

    Heidi Mancusi RN 437-2400 ext 2195 or  mancusiheidi@mhasd.k12.wi.us

    Pam Schaal RN  437-2400 ext 5104 or schaalpam@mhasd.k12.wi.us