Mt. Horeb Math Teams

Students in grades 5-8 with high ability in math and an interest in math competitions are encouraged to try out to become a part of one of our district Math Teams.  Our Math Teams go on to the regional level Math Meet each spring and compete with top math students form surrounding districts.  The top two teams at regionals move on to the Mega Math Meets and compete against students from all over Wisconsin.
The 5th-6th grade team is made up of 4 top Math students from 5th grade and 4 top math students from 6th grade, and an alternate from each grade.  
The 7th-8th grade team is made up of 4 top Math students from 7th grade and 4 top math students from 8th grade, and an alternate from each grade.
Teams practice  for the Math Meet before school and during RTI/ Viking Hour times.  The Math Meet is made up of several events including individual computation and problem solving,  mental math, and team problem solving. All events are timed. 
Mt. Horeb Math Teams
 5th/6th grade math team 7th/8th grade math team math 7-8  math  math