• Disposing of Medications Safely

    There are a number of concerns associated with disposing of unused medications. The environmental concern of pharmaceutical waste into our land and water is very real. And the substance abuse concern of misuse of drugs is also very real.

    There are several things you can do to keep our environment and children safe.

    First- never share prescriptions with anyone other the person whose name is on the bottle. Narcotics and other drugs with street value should be kept locked or in a safe place where they are not available to children or their friends.

    Secondly- when a prescription is completed dispose of the unused pills. To safely dispose of pills in your home, one option is to flush them. However, this poses a concern to the environment of the chemicals going into our water system. The latest information says to open the containers and put the pills into a bag with undesirable food waste such as coffee grounds or cat litter and throw into the garbage.

    Other options are to talk with your local pharmacy about disposal or to look for local state approved collection programs.