• CA-MRSA Information

    CA-MRSA. Community Acquired- Methicillin Resistant Staph Aureus has been in the news because a high school student out east died from it . Staphylococcus aureus (staph) is a common bacteria found in the nose and on skin of healthy people. If it enters the skin through a break it can cause infections such as boils and impetigo. The individual then needs to be treated with an antibiotic and will have a successful recovery.

    The CA-MRSA is a strain that can result in more serious infections such as abscesses or even enter into the blood stream. It also can be treated with antibiotics successfully, but not the typical penicillin/amoxicillins. This variety of staph has been around for approximately ten years, but is becoming more common in school athletic facilities and weight rooms. It is spread by direct person to person contact or by contact with contaminated surfaces, equipment and shared personal items such as towels. Cleaning surfaces is important, but personal hygiene is the most important. Keeping skin clean and healthy, hand washing and covering breaks in the skin will keep most individuals safe. Athletes are encouraged to shower after practices and competition. They should report any concerns of a skin infection to the athletic trainer, school nurse or family medical provider and keep any open wound covered with a band aid.


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