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    Vocabulary, Analogies, Analytical Reading:

    The WordMasters Challenge
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    The WordMasters challenge is a competition for students in 3rd-8th grade that allows students to grow in vocabulary and verbal reasoning.  Students are given a vocabulary list to study and are then challenged to solve analogies based on relationships among these words.  The challenge meets take place three times year, therefore, students learn three sets of vocabulary words, for a total of 75 new words each year.

    After each test, each participating school receives a report with statistics related to the competition, the median team scores, and the names of highest scoring schools and individuals nationwide. 

    Students are selected for this program through a screening test based on analogies and teacher nomination.  Students that are selected show proficiency in Language Arts and demonstrate a need for additional challenge in the classroom.
    Congratulations to all of our teams for their continued effort and success!  
    The teams below were #10 in the nation! 
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