4K Program


    Our 4K program will meet the DPI requirements of a minimum of 437 instructional hours and 87.5 hours of parental involvement.

    • Program Days: Tuesday-Friday     There is no 4K programming on Mondays.

    • Program Hours: 

      • AM Session: 8:05 am-11:10 am; (8:15 am-11:20 am for Hearts & Hands and Children's Community School)
      • PM Session: 12:10 pm-3:15 pm
    The teachers for the MH4K program will use the Wisconsin State Early Learning Standards as a curriculum guide. All teachers will have four-year degrees in early childhood, pre-kindergarten, or kindergarten and are highly qualified to work with preschool children. In addition, the teachers and assistants will continue to attend conferences and workshops on early childhood education.

    MH4K Student Progress Goals for Families

    Each child will be given the opportunity to learn at his/her own pace and in the way preschoolers learn best……through play! Actually, what looks like play has been planned by teaching staff to develop specific skills that your child will need for later school years and into adult life. Your child’s 4K programming will include a balance between the following types of activities:
    • Large Group Experiences and Learning

    • Small Group Experiences and Learning

    • Individual Experiences and Learning

    • Child-selected activities; teacher-directed activities

    • Indoor and outdoor time

    • Schedules, routines, transitions

    • Snack time; restroom breaks
    An important component of the MH4K is the Family Outreach Program. The focus on the program is to provide parents and children with opportunities to grow as a family. Throughout the school year, activities, presentations, and workshops will be open to all families. Each family is encouraged to participate as much as possible. You will be informed of activities via flyers, notes, and information on our web site.