Directions to download the school year activities directly into google calendar or icalendar:
    -Click on the link above:  Athletics and Activities Schedule, (www.badgerconference.org) look for the "Advanced View Report" button located below the View Schedules box. 
    - In the Advanced View page, select the parameters you need (usually everything is left defaulted to ALL).**If you are not looking for athletic events, please leave school events only checked.**   Change the time period to show "This School Year".
    - Generate activity report. This will open a new window. Once the events are completely loaded, look for the "Subscribe" link located on the upper right side of the window. Click this.
    - This will then open yet another window. This will show the options you have for subscribing to the events. Select the Google Calendar, iCal, Outlook option and follow the on-screen steps.

    This will update your subscription automatically each time a new event is created or if an existing event is edited. Please note that you may encounter delays when subscribing using the Google Calendar option. Please check your settings or contact Google to verify their calendar grab updates from rschool servers.