• Participation in the Mount Horeb High School Band program offers several opportunities for student leadership in the program. Some positions are more visible, require more time, or have greater visibility among classmates; other positions provide important support to the bands while not requiring public presentations. All band members are eligible for these. Students wanting more information should talk with one of the Directors for more information or to volunteer.
    Band Board
    This group is comprised of five to seven seniors and/or juniors who are elected in the spring  by all the members of the high school band. Positions include:
    Band President - this person represents all the band members at public events, runs Band Board meetings, confers regularly with the Directors, and provides important input when decisions are made about band events.
    Vice President - this person is a member of the Band Board and works closely with the Band President to provide whatever leadership support is needed.
    Band Board - this group includes the Band President, Vice President, and three to five additional seniors who meet several times over the course of the school year to provide guidance and leadership on the year's activities.
    1st Semester Work
    The Band Board usually meets once in early June with all the new members to establish the year's needs, discuss potential marching band show themes, begin a dialogue about the upcoming Band Show, and set goals. An extensive meeting is held in August where show themes are settled on for the fall, specific needs for the Marching Band Camp and Freshmen Marching Week are covered, Rank Leaders are chosen, and other topics necessary for a successful year. The Board meets as needed during the balance of 1st semester to cover any Marching Band needs.
    2nd Semester Work
    2nd semester meetings focus primarily on planning for the Viking Band Show in April - topics include theme selection, Senior feature, attire, stage look, ticketing and other relevent topics. Band Board members select student acts in late February or early March for the Band Show.  They play an important role in the smooth operation of the Band Show, Spring Concert and other public performances.
    Uniform Managers
    The Mount Horeb Band has a complete set of band uniforms for students to use and our Uniform Managers keep the materials organized and ready for student use. Uniform Managers have several duties including:
    • Staff Uniform Check-out days in August - see that every band member has a complete band uniform that fits properly and all accompanying paperwork is completed.
    • Game Day Repairs - offer uniform repair service for problems such as hat issues, zipper work, button replacement, and so on.
    • Check-in days in May - work as a group to handle all uniform returns; then complete a full inventory of all uniforms and accessories to facilitate dry cleaning, repairs, and replacement items where needed.
    Being a Uniform Manager can be an "A Project" during 1st and 4th quarters.
    Band Librarians
    These student volunteers work with all the print music the bands use.  This includes concert bands, jazz ensembles, jazz combos, marching band, and pep band. Students do this during study halls or before and after school. They provide a valuable service to all the groups by keeping our most important resource - our music - organized and ready for students and teachers to use. Students who are Band Librarians can use this volunteer work as an "A Project".
    Faculty Assistant
    Seniors who have an open class period are encouraged to become a Faculty Assistant one or both semesters. Students can earn credit for the work they do as a Faculty Assistant (grades are listed as 'pass/fail' so it will not affect Grade Point Average). Faculty Assistants help with many of the administrative tasks the band needs done.
    Rank Leaders
    Rank Leaders are an integral part of the leadership team for the Marching Band. There is one Rank Leader for each group of eight students (one 'rank'). Their duties include helping teaching the marching techniques to the other members of their rank, taking attendance daily and at performances, answering questions rank members may have, checking written work done by rank members in their music, and taking responsibility for the successful work of their ranks. Rank Leaders are chosen by the Band Board based on demonstrated leadership, demonstrated commitment to excellence, demonstrated ability to work well with others, and certain instrumentation criteria set by the Directors.
    Percussion Captain
    The percussion section elects one person to serve as Percussion Captain each year. The Percussion Captain provides leadership for the entire percussion section throughout the school year but has extensive duties during the marching season and at the Band Show. These duties include part assignments for the fall season, calling percussion rehearsals as needed, instrument maintenance, helping with game day sectionals (required for all percussion members), assigning parts for the Band Show Percussion Feature, calling rehearsals, and other duties needed to help the percussion section successful all year.
    Section Leaders
    During concert seasons, Section Leaders are chosen by the Directors to take on leadership roles. Duties include attendance, handling music and part assignments, running sectionals, evaluating needs for improvement, and handling issues brought up by section members. The Directors look for these traits when choosing section leaders: demonstrated commitment to seeing the band do well, a willingness to step in and do necessary tasks, good leadership potential, and organization skills.
    Student Director
    During the marching season, the Student Director assists with various aspects of the marching program. Here are more details: Student Director Application