• Mount Horeb Area School District Alumni Endowment for Academic Excellence 
    Alumni Endowment Grant Opportunities:
     The application process is now open for 2016 Alumni Grants; an award up to $2000 may be available.
     Please complete the application:  Endowment Application and return it to your building principal.
    Alumni Endowment Previous Grant Recipients:
    LeAnn Haroldson, Math Dept., Graphing Calculators $1000
    Diane Dangerfield, Choir Dir. Composer In Residence Program  composer in residence
    Kimberly Hillary, Librarian, Author visits via Skype $1089
    Patty Schlafer, Middle School Music, Composer’s Club
    Carol Parell, Middle School Reading, Kindles purchased $$1142
    Erin Treder, H.S. Mentoring Program Adviser. Student Training
    Todd Nesheim, H.S. Phy. Ed., Equipment
    Ryan Finley, Health & Phy. Ed., Heart Rate Monitors $1368
    No Qualified Recipient $1598 was available
    Alumni Endowment for Academic Excellence
    Endowment Grants Selection Committee Membership:
    ~Middle School Assistant Principal-High School Principal
    ~Two peer-group selected teachers, preferably one representing the middle school and the other representing the high school 
    ~Guidance counselors--middle school and high school
    ~One high school and one middle school student (such as an officer of the honor society and/or student council) who are selected by the four other school committee members
    ~Community member, school and community involved, selected by eight school committee members. 
    Members shall serve staggered, three-year terms except for the student members; committee should elect its own chair.  For the initial three years, the Building Principal shall chair the Committee.  Each committee member's vote shall be equal.  Committee members are not eligible for grant funding.  If a committee member has a potential conflict of interest regarding an application, that committee member must recuse him/herself from participating in a decision on that application.  If funding criteria are not met, the Selection Committee reserves the right not to approve any grants for that year.
    On-Going Assessment:
    After the initial five-year review (Fall, 2015) by participating MHASD personnel and representatives of the initiating committee from the Class of 1959, an assessment of the implementation of the endowment will be carried out at least once each decade. 
    Decadal review:  MHASD alumni representing different graduating classes plus a community member who has previously served on the Endowment Grants Selection Committee shall carry out this review.  The intent of this review is to assess if the implementation of the Endowment is consistent with its intended purpose.