• Mount Horeb Area School District Alumni Endowment for Academic Excellence 
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    Kellen Dorner, Will Janssen, Patty Schlafer-"Concert Percussion Technique Sessions" and "Drum Set Boot Camp" $1000
    composer in residence
     "During our summer lessons, we had a guest percussion teacher come work with our middle school percussionists. She worked with our students on the finer points of percussion technique on mallet instruments and discussed the different grips and strokes necessary to play mallet percussion at a higher level. She also helped our students understand the importance of correct cymbal technique, and spent two very long sessions helping students find the "sweet spot" on the cymbals; this might seem excessive, but they came away with a better understanding of correct sounds and techniques, and we are already seeing students hold their cymbal playing to a higher standard.

    We have been going back and forth on setting up more dates for the rest of the year; we are hoping to set up these sessions at key points between now and our Solo & Ensemble Festival, with the hope that their knowledge and skill will compound and peak around their solo or small group performance."
    Jessica Perez - Spanish Culture Project - $1700
    Anita Laabs - After School Fiber Arts Program - $300
    No Qualified Recipient - $1598 was available
    Ryan Finley - Health & Phy. Ed., Heart Rate Monitors - $1368
    Carol Parrell - Middle School Reading, Kindles purchased - $1142
    Erin Treder - H.S. Mentoring Program Adviser. Student Training
    Todd Nesheim - H.S. Phy. Ed., Equipment
    Kimberly Hillary - Librarian, Author visits via Skype - $1089
    Patty Schlafer - Middle School Music, Composer’s Club
    LeAnn Haroldson - Math Dept., Graphing Calculators - $1000
    Diane Dangerfield - Choir Dir. Composer In Residence Program  
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