• Alumni Endowment for Academic Excellence
    Policy and Procedures:
    At its 50th class reunion, the Mount Horeb High School Class of 1959 established the Mount Horeb Area School District (MHASD) Alumni Endowment through the Madison Community Foundation (MCF).  Grants using income from the Endowment will be available on an annual basis to support creative and innovative academic projects which involve grades 6-12 students and teachers and which are outside the core school budget.
    Requests for grant applications to fund projects/activities for the next academic year will be announced to the Mount Horeb Area School District teachers, staff, and students annually in February.  The Grants Selection Committee will review and select award recipients no later than April 10th each year.  If the Funding criteria are not met, the Selection Committee reserves the right not to approve any grants for that year.
    Grant Criteria:
    To rank individual grant applications, the Selection Committee will use the following criteria: 
       Purpose:  Project's purpose is clearly stated
       Feasibility:  Objectives are clearly defined and can be accomplished and measured within the purpose time-frame of the project.
       Sustainability:  New and innovative program/activity that would otherwise not be available but has the potential to continue beyond the grant period
       Impact:  Project/activity impacts an entire grade, school, or group of students. 
       Need:  proposal consistent with the MHASD strategic mission 
    Priority will be given to supporting group activities, special projects and events involving students in grades 6-12 during the academic year funded.  An application initiated by a group of students or student organization must be completed through a cooperating teacher or teacher team.  No more than one grant per year can be received by any teacher/student team.  Grant recipients are eligible for funding not more than once every three years.