•  Forward Exam Frequently Asked Questions

    What is it?

    The Wisconsin Forward Exam is the state-mandated test that replaces the WKCE and the Badger Exam. It consists of subtests in English/Language Arts, Mathematics, Science and Social Studies.  The Wisconsin Forward Exam asks students questions that are aligned with our State of Wisconsin standards.
    Why is this assessment given?
    This is a state-mandated test that satisfies both state and federal requirements for testing. The Wisconsin Forward Exam replaces the WKCE and, more recently, the Badger Exam. The Forward Exam will be a spring assessment instead of the fall, which was when the WKCE was given.
    Who takes this assessment?
    The Forward Exam is given at...
    • grades 3-8 in English Language Arts (ELA) and Mathematics,
    • grades 4 and 8 in Science, and
    • grades 4, 8, and 10 in Social Studies.
    How is the test given?
    The Forward Exam is a computer-based test for all the sections.
    When is the test given?
    Our district testing window will occur during the month of April. Students will not test on all days during the testing window.  Students will only test on certain days in the testing window and will only take certain sections on any given day.  Academic instruction will continue during the testing windows.
    How can your child prepare?
    Please make sure your child has his/her earbuds or head phones as they are required for testing.  Consistent attendance and sleep are important for the testing weeks.  We will be working with your child to make up the any tests that are missed due to his/her absence during the testing week.  Thank you for your help.
    How will results be shared?
    Student results will be shared with families as soon as they are available. As this is the initial year for the test, the state will be involved with setting “proficiency levels” before student results are released. The district is unlikely to see anything before the middle of August 2016. Results can be expected, based on current information, to be delivered to families in September 2016.
    How does this assessment reflect my child’s performance?
    As with any assessment, this is only one measure of your student’s academic performance. It is only through multiple assessments (for example, teacher developed assessments or district assessments) that we are able to develop a clearer picture of your student’s current level.
    Please contact Sarah Straka, Director of Instruction at strakasarah@mhasd.k12.wi.us or at 608.437.2400 ext. 1213. 
    More Information directly from the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction: Wisconsin Forward Exam