• 2017-2018 Weather Information For Parents:  Please click on the link to see specific information on school closings.

    The telephone number and email address currently in Infinite Campus will be the ones utilized for the messaging.

    Please make sure your information is updated anytime there is a change to ensure you receive information from the District. 

    Please make the changes through the parent portal.  The changes will need to be approved in the system before you will see changes on the portal screens. Please modify the Contact Preferences screen for each member of the household and their preferences:  email, text, telephone.  The food service dialer uses the priority contact box and only sends a voice call.

    If you have any questions, please contact Tammy Beranek at beranektammy@mhasd.k12.wi.us

    If you think you have your preferences set correctly to receive texts and have not, please follow the directions below to ensure your carrier allows the type of messaging being sent.

    Have your contacts complete the following steps to ensure they receive text messages from the district.

    1. Text the word START to 91201. Result 
      A Shoutpoint for Schools Alert is sent as a reply.
    2. Text YES to confirm that you would like to receive text messages from the district.
      You should receive future text messages from the district.

    If the user texts the word START to 91201 and never receives the response text despite having adequate reception, they must call their carrier to see whether Premium Messaging (short code) is blocked. If Premium Messaging is blocked, it must be unblocked to receive texts from the district.

    Additional charges may apply to the delivery of text messages. Contacts who want to receive text messages should be aware that phone service providers may charge extra for texting services. Infinite Campus is not responsible for text message charges.