High School and Middle School Social Worker
As the High School and Middle School Social Worker, my role is to help students and families in the Mount Horeb Area School District work through any barriers that may impact students at school. I can offer support to students and families with social/emotional and/or environmental difficulties through individual, group or family settings. I also work to help students and families access community services such as economic, housing, mental health, healthcare, and parent support programs. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

I have added a great deal of resources, referral guides and newsletters to help support you and your child in school and at home. There are links to valuable websites and even booklists on various topics.

Carol Nickles, C.I.C.S.W.
(608) 437-2400 x2163

 Early Learning Center/Primary Center

Intermediate Center School Social Worker 
As the School Social Worker for the Early Learning Center, Primary Center and Intermediate Center I work with students, staff and families.  I am part of the buildings’ Student Services Team.  I work individually and in group settings with students addressing social, emotional and behavioral issues that impact student learning.  I also work with families to reduce barriers that may impact student learning. I connect families to community resources as needed.  If there is anything I can do throughout this school year to assist your child feel free to contact me.
If you want specific resources please visit the Early Learning Center, Primary Center or Intermediate Center's home page and view the heading "For Parents."

Amie Mitchell

Mt. Horeb School Social Worker


Kindergarten- 5th grade

(608) 437-2400 ext. 5123