In my role as the Middle and High School Social Worker, I provide support through a strength based approach to students and families who are struggling with social-emotional and/or behavioral issues as well as any environmental issues in the family, school and/or community. My overall goal is to reduce and/or eliminate any barriers to students’ capacity for learning and help them to develop the skills to become resilient, healthy lifelong learners.


    I collaborate closely with staff and our student services teams in both buildings and provide advocacy, consultation, referral and information, crisis intervention, and case management. In my role as the District Safe & Drug Free Schools Program Coordinator, I provide leadership and planning with the development and implementation of evidence based strategies and programs in the areas of mental health, social-emotional learning, and alcohol & other drug abuse prevention. MHASD seeks and has been awarded the State AODA grants through the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction every two years. These funds enable the district to pursue evidence based AODA and safety curriculum for students, offer evidence based training such as Mental Health First Aid, Restorative Practices and Safe Zone trainings, and implement the youth risk surveys to students in 7th through 12th grade.
    I also provide Transition Educational Programming (TEP) services to students and families in grades 6-12 who are struggling with mobility issues and need support, information and referral services.
    I have included community resources guides, links and websites to assist youth and families on a variety of topics.  Please feel free to reach out to me via email or by calling me at either of my office numbers. 

    Thank you for visiting our page--we are here to help.


    Carol Nickles, LCSW


    (608) 437-7123 (High School) and x 3278 (Middle School)

     Early Learning Center/Primary Center

    Intermediate Center School Social Worker 
    As the School Social Worker for the Early Learning Center, Primary Center and Intermediate Center I work with students, staff and families.  I am part of the buildings’ Student Services Team.  I work individually and in group settings with students addressing social, emotional and behavioral issues that impact student learning.  I also work with families to reduce barriers that may impact student learning. I connect families to community resources as needed.  If there is anything I can do throughout this school year to assist your child feel free to contact me.
    If you want specific resources please visit the Early Learning Center, Primary Center or Intermediate Center's home page and view the heading "For Parents."

    Amie Mitchell

    Mt. Horeb School Social Worker


    Kindergarten- 5th grade

    (608) 437-7567