High School Supply List   
    This is a general list of items. Some teachers may have specific items that you will need to purchase; those items will be assigned the first week of the class.


    ·         Flash Drive – minimum 4 GB; recommended 8GB or higher

    ·         Ear Buds

    ·         Index cards – 3 x 5 and 4 x 6

    ·         Spiral notebooks and folders

    ·         Loose leaf paper for binders

    ·         A few 3 ring binders (at least one 2”)

    ·         Colored Pencils

    ·         Pencils/Pens/Highlighters

    ·         DO NOT PURCHASE A HALLWAY LOCKER LOCK-You MUST purchase a school lock at registration. It is good for all four years.  It is recommended that you buy a lock for your PE locker if you have PE. We will not be responsible for lost or stolen items.  A school-issued lock will not be provided for PE.

    Math Calculator

    ·         Algebra I or Geometry – Acceptable: TI-30 XIIS, however, students taking math classes beyond Geometry may want to buy an advanced calculator like the TI-84 color or TI-Inspire

    ·         Algebra II, Pre-Calc or AP Calculus – TI-84 color or TI Inspire CX

    Physical Education

    ·         Shorts and T-Shirt

    ·         Sweats and Sweatshirt (for outdoor weather as appropriate)

    ·         Non-marking sole gym shoes

    ·         Lock for locker room locker. 


    ·         Ceramics I and II – folder and smock

    ·         Art Metals and Glass – folder


    ·         Standard Function Calculator