High School Supply List   
This is a general list of items. Some teachers may have specific items that you will need to purchase; those items will be assigned the first weeks of the class.

General - covers most classes.  Some courses have specific items not listed; teachers will inform students of those items the first week of school.

·         Flash Drive – minimum 4 GB; recommended 8GB or higher

·         Ear Buds

·         Index cards – 3 x 5 and 4 x 6

·         Spiral notebooks and Folders

·         Loose leaf paper for binders

·         A few 3 ring binders (at least one 2”)

·         Colored Pencils

·         Pencils/Pens/Highlighters

·         DO NOT PURCHASE A HALLWAY LOCKER LOCK-You MUST purchase a school lock at registration. It is good for all four years. Hand me downs locks from siblings are OK as long as they are the school purchased lock. It is recommended that you buy a lock for your PE locker if you have PE.  Oversized locks may not fit.  A school issued lock will not be provided for PE.

Math Calculator

·         Algebra I or Geometry – Acceptable: TI-30 XIIS, however, students taking math classes beyond Geometry may want to buy an advanced calculator like the TI-84 color or TI-Inspire

·         Algebra II, Pre-Calc or AP Calculus – TI-84 color or TI Inspire CX

Physical Education

·         Shorts and T-Shirt

·         Sweats and Sweatshirt (for outdoor weather as appropriate)

·         Non-marking sole gym shoes

·         Lock for locker room locker. May purchase a used lock at registration.


·         Ceramics I and II – folder and smock

·         Art Metals and Glass – folder

·         Art I and II – folder, sketch book


·         Standard Function Calculator