• MHASD Wellness Policy and Information


    The school district updated the wellness policy in the spring of 2017 based on new federal requirements. Information on the new policy and additional resources are listed below.  

    On July 8, 2011, the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) issued memo SP-42-2011: Child Nutrition Reauthorization 2010: Local School Wellness Policies, outlining the new guidelines for the local school wellness policies as established by Section 204 of the Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids Act of 2010. The federal legislation requires each school district that participates in the National School Lunch Program to establish a local school wellness policy for all schools under its jurisdiction. The new requirements which were effective in the fall of 2012, include the following elements for the wellness policy:
      1. Promote student wellness
      2. Prevent and reduce childhood obesity
      3. Provide assurance that school meals meet Federal school meal standards

    The MHASD Wellness Policy states, "The health and wellness of our children is a national concern that requires attention from many different stakeholders, including government, industry, local communities, and families, but schools also play an essential role since they are so influential in people's lives from a very young age and for many years. Therefore, it is important that school leaders have policies, addendums, and standards that support efforts to provide opportunities for healthy eating and ample physical education, role models for healthy choices, and education so that students learn to make healthy choices for their own lives." Wellness Policy Administrative Regulations


    Resources and Ideas for Parents and Staff

    Please consider our Life Threatening Allergy Policy when you are sending food from home. MHASD Life Threatening Allergy Policy #453.61.


    Information for Parents


    Healthy School Celebrations - How-to's for Happy, Healthy Parties.

    Alternatives to Using Food as a Reward - Why it's good to use alternatives to food as a reward and ideas how to do it.

    Age-Appropriate Rewards and Incentives - Ways to reward students of all ages.

    Additional Reward and Incentive Ideas - For all ages.

    Snack and Celebration Ideas - Fun, healthy snack ideas for students.

    More Snack Ideas - Additional resources.


    Energizer Activities for the Classroom- Lots of ways to add movement breaks in the classroom atmosphere. 

    More Ideas to create movment in the school day- Additional resources.


    Fundraising Ideas - Non-food and healthy fundraising Ideas.

    Fundraising Handbook - School fundraising can be healthy and profitable. 


    If you would like further information or want additional resources listed here, please contact:



    Michelle Denk,                Food Service Director,                   denkmichelle@mhasd.k12.wi.us,                608-437-7065

    Pam Schaal,                   School District RN,                        schaalpam@mhasd.k12.wi.us,                   608-437-7543

    CJ Goodwin,                   School District RN,                        goodwincheyenne@mhasd.k12.wi.us,         608-437-7266

    Brian Johnson,                Student Services Director,             johnsonbrian@mhasd.k12.wi.us,                608-437-7016