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    Dear Parents, Students and Community Members,


    As Director of Student Services, I welcome you to the Student Services website. This website has been developed to provide families, community members, staff and students with information about the continuum of resources within our school district. In addition, it provides links to various resources that you may find helpful when questions arise. I invite you to browse our website and review its contents. I hope you find it helpful.


    Our goal is to maximize the learning of students by ensuring every classroom is an active and collaborative environment which welcomes all students. In order to meet this goal, we are continuously providing staff with professional development opportunities to increase knowledge and skills. This training supports lesson development that can increase student engagement and learning. 


    In our efforts to meet all student needs, we work to ensure that students with disabilities are receiving the services they need to make progress in their educational program. A student’s educational program is developed by a team of skilled professionals and parents. Each time this team meets, at least annually, it considers the unique needs of the student and develops a plan to meet goals set for the next school year. This program may range from accommodations and modifications in the general education classroom to pull-out, specially designed instruction in a special education classroom setting. Studies have shown that increased instructional time that supplements the general education curriculum is often the most effective means of increasing skills. 


    In the event you have questions about your child’s educational program, you may contact the case manager for your child at any time. If you need further assistance, feel free to call me to set up an appointment.




    Theresa G. Daane

    Director of Pupil Services

    Mount Horeb Area School District                                             

    (608)437-2400 extension 1216