Site Council Overview
The IC Site Council is a group of parents, staff members, and a school board representative that meet on a regular basis to discuss issues and ideas related to our school.

3rd grade representative:

Representatives are needed!

4th grade representatives:

Lori Brody
Eric Walton

5th grade representatives

Mary Hall
Jennifer Maguire

Board Member:

Jeff Hanna

Staff representatives: 

Stephen Guziewski 437-2400 x4101 or
Karen Erickson 437-2400 x4138 or
Melissa Gervasi 437-2400 ext. 4120 or
Pam Haack 437-2400 x4169 or
Becky Kleppe 437-2400 ext. 4130 or
Buddy Sigmon 437-2400 x4160 or