• Attendance  

    Regular attendance is an important factor in school success. The activities and learning that occur during a class period are not easily made up since the experiences cannot be duplicated. Therefore, it is important that absences be kept to a minimum. State Law requires that a student must attend school until the end of the semester in which s/he reaches the age of 18.


    Parents may log into and access their student's attendance and other records through the Infinite Campus Parent Portal:



    Absences will be considered unexcused unless a parent or guardian contacts the Attendance Office within 24 hours of the absence and provides a legal excuse for an unexcused absence. To avoid possible error, contacting the office on the day of the absence is preferred.  Failure to do so will result in the absence remaining "unexcused."  All unexcused absences will count toward truancy.


    Students will be in attendance every period, including any specially scheduled activities, every day that school is in session. The school attendance officers may excuse a student's absence for all or part of a day for:


    1.     Illness- limited to 10 per year without a written medical excuse

    2.     Family emergencies, including funerals

    3.     Medical or dental appointments that cannot be arranged outside of the school day (provided written proof is submitted to the attendance officer)

    4.     A court appearance or other legal procedure which requires the attendance of the student

    5.     Recognized religious observance or service

    6.     Anticipated Absence/ Parent Request-  parents may excuse their child up to ten (10) days at their discretion provided written (or e-mail) notification is made in advance of the absence.


    Please note that attendance may not be completely updated until 4 pm each day.



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