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    Strategic Plan Vision 2023 Flyer



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    Mount Horeb Area School District

     Strategic Plan Approved April 2014


    Our Future:  Prepare.  Learn.  Lead.


    The Mount Horeb Area School District, in partnership with the community, is dedicated to nurturing, educating and challenging our students; preparing and empowering them to be productive, responsible and self-fulfilled members of society. 




    • Children are the reason we are here.
    • We believe in fostering communication through school and community partnerships.
    • Everyone has a right to a safe and healthy environment –physical, social, and emotional.
    • Everyone has the right to be treated with dignity.
    • We believe in being respectful, responsible, and ready.
    • All individuals are capable of growing and learning throughout their lifetime.
    • We value team work and individual success.
    • The school district, families, and community play a role in creating a positive culture of continuous learning.
    • All individuals have the right to learn and be challenged.
    • We believe in a purposeful, innovative approach that keeps pace with an ever-changing world.
    • Students share in the accountability for their learning.


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