In order to start your sports season, you will need a



    What is a Viking Eligibility (Red) Card?

    A Viking Eligibility Card is proof that you have satisfied all requirements necessary to participate in WIAA Athletics at Mt. Horeb High School.  Viking Eligibility Cards are distributed through the high school office, beginning in August.

    You cannot get the cards from your coach.

    How do I get my Viking Eligibility Card?    (5 items are necessary)

    1. Turn-in a WIAA Physical or Alternate Year Card to the high school office. 

    2. Submit acknowledgement of the Code of Conduct

    3. Complete Impact Testing (baseline concussion testing).  This is done every- other year. Dates are offered at various times during the school year and summer. 

    4. Sign and turn-in a YEARLY Concussion Waiver.

    5. Pay the Athletic Fee. The athletic fee is $75 per sport and can be paid on-line or in the high school office.


    Athletes:  The Viking Eligibility Card is due to your coach by the FIRST day of practice.