Mount Horeb High School, as part of its mission to provide students with opportunities develop to their fullest potential and become valuable members of society, has implemented the SILVER CORD SERVICE PROGRAM.

    Students will not only benefit the community, but will develop their own leadership and citizenship skills.  To encourage and reward volunteerism and community service, the SILVER CORD SERVICE PROGRAM will recognize students who have made contributions to their community through service.

    Seniors who have completed 140 hours of volunteer service during their high school career will be awarded the SILVER CORD and recognized at graduation.  It is required that students complete (and turn into the office)at least 70 accumulated hours prior to September 1 of their senior year to reach the total 140 hours.  Students should accumulate the total 140 hours throughout their four years of high school. 


    Students may begin accumulating hours following completion of the 8th grade.  Forms are available on the High School web page. Forms may be turned in at any time throughout the school year. All forms should be turned in May 1st of that school year. Seniors must have all forms in by May 1st for consideration of graduation with Silver Cord honor.


    Students working toward their silver cord should refer to the list of approved volunteer activities.  If you are not sure if your activity meets the requirements, please ask Maureen McCarthy in the main office

    Verification forms must be complete for each activity for which a student volunteers.

    These forms should be submitted to the front office for review.

          Students must use the Official Verification Form. Students may keep their own log for repeated volunteer work, but should transfer hours and get verification on the Official Form. Our Forms are the most up to date; please do not turn in logs or unofficial forms.


    Verification of Hours Form

    Silver Cord Service Program Requirements & Ideas For Service


    Volunteer activities must meet the following requirements to earn the honor of wearing a silver cord during graduation:

    • All activities must be completed outside of school hours
    • You must perform a service for someone other than family members
    • Activities should be in addition to your participation in clubs.  Activities such as Boy Scouts, Girls Scouts, 4H, etc. (organizations that require service hours) may not also be used for Silver Cord. 
    • 70 hours must be completed before September 1 of Senior Year
    • 140 total hours must be spread over 2-4 years of high school

    Activities that will not be approved:


    • If you receive compensation of money or other recognition
    • Chores at home/farm and babysitting 
    • Activities connected with school or school organizations
    • Court ordered community service
    • May not be minor acts of kindness (holding a door open, etc.)
    • May not include working for a profit organization for free
    • May not include working for a political party or campaign
    • You may not include any hours from a Church service (serving, singing, playing music), preparing/cleaning related to a church service, church programs such as confirmation or church committees.  However, if you volunteer through your church and perform service that is NOT expected to complete a particular program, this would count.  You may not be receiving any other credit for the activity. 


           IN SUMMARY: You may not receive any other credit, award or recognition for volunteer hours used to fulfill the Silver Cord criteria. If you are unsure, please see Maureen McCarthy.


    The following are ideas to fulfill hours of service:

    ·              Clean up a park (pulling invasive weeds, completing a project)

    ·         Volunteer at a food pantry

    ·         Volunteer for the Community Clothes Closet

    ·         Being a homework tutor after school or in the summer at the ELC/PC, IC, MS or HS

    ·         Volunteer for Iron Man, Horrible Hilly, Centurion, Dairy Land Dare, Wright Stuff Century

    ·         Volunteer at a Humane Shelter or Kennel

    ·         Volunteer teach Sunday school or summer Bible class

    ·         Volunteer at a nursing home or hospice

    ·         Volunteer through church to help the homeless or less fortunate

    ·         Volunteer at a Library (shelving, reading to little kids, teaching, etc…)

    ·         Assist a teacher in the summer getting prepared for the school year (bulletin boards, organization,    etc…)

    ·         Volunteer for the Red Cross (not school sponsored blood drive)

    ·         Volunteer for the Recreation Department (coach, supervise)

    ·         Volunteer for Little League (coach, referee)

    ·         Volunteer work the for the Madison Youth Choir (build sets, set up and take down concerts)

    ·         Volunteer work for NON-PROFIT organizations (Historical Society, Salvation Army, Red Cross, Performing Arts Center, Fair Wisconsin, etc…)

    ·         Volunteer at summer camps (must not get free room and board in lieu of getting paid)

    ·         Volunteer for a Chamber of Commerce

    ·         Volunteer for a municipality (court, police, etc…)

    ·         Volunteer for Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts or 4H (NOT as a member of the organization)


    If you have an idea and it is not listed, please check with Maureen McCarthy or Mr. Werbowsky.

    A list of Silver Cord opportunities is on the bulletin board outside the office.