• Welcome to the wonderful world of ART at the ELC and PC!
       This site is meant to share a glimpse into the exciting educational environment that is the art room.  The learning opportunities provided by  arts education are such a vitally important part of our students' educational experience, they must be shared!  On this site you will find images of our latest projects, videos of students working, as well as 
     helpful links to art related resources about fostering creative learning experiences at home without breaking the bank, rearranging your home, or making a huge mess.  Realistically, an hour of art class once a week is a tiny drop in the bucket.  Children need opportunities to think creatively, problem solve, and develop fine motor abilities outside the classroom as well.  
    Thank you for visiting and please contact me anytime if you questions, concerns, or inquiries.
    I am happy to help! ~ Laura Gruetzmacher (Mrs. G)
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