Enrollment Information

    Students participating in a MH4K program must be four years of age on or before September 1. There will be no early admissions. Participants must be residents of the Mount Horeb Area School District or apply through open enrollment, if eligible.
    If a parent elects not to send a child to regular kindergarten, it is possible for students who are five years old and who have not attended a 4K program in the past to attend MH4K. Children should only attend 4K for one year, the year immediately preceding kindergarten.

    Please complete the enrollment forms listed on our Homepage and turn them in at the Parent Information Nights.  Bring with you your child's original birth certificate and proof of residency.  The 4K Enrollment Addendum which indicates a family's session/site preference  can be turned in once you have determined your preferences, but must be in by March 1st for preference consideration.
    If your child attended a different school, (4K enrollment) prior to enrolling here, please complete the Student Records Request form.

    Parents have the option to identify the sites and session time they prefer when filling out the enrollment packet  by completing the student enrollment addendumWhile we strive to accommodate requests, we do not guarantee parents will get their top preference. MHASD will make final placement decisions.  Site assignments will be based primarily on previous program enrollment at a site and need for wrap-around services. Other factors that are taken into consideration include (but are not limited to) place of residence, special programming needs, transportation, available openings at the site requested, and site occupancy minimums. Please see our MH4K Placement Standard Operating Procedure for additional information about how we place students at our community sites.  Placement priority will be given to the enrollment forms received within the enrollment window.